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With Stephanie Nakasian

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Unlock Your Best Voice

 Whether your goal is professional or personal it's time get out of your own way and embark on a journey of discovery to find your best voice with Stephanie! 


Let's Sing!


Hi, I'm Stephanie Nakasian.  I've been performing and teaching  singing for over 40 years and look forward to providing you with fun, easy, essential tips to unlock your best voice! 

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Improve Your Tone & Expand Your Range

Grasp Piano & Theory Skills from a Vocalist Perspective

Rhythm, Phrasing, Improvisation & More! 

Veronica Swift

As a vocalist, I've been looking for the right instructional video that doesn't feel overly analytical, but still breaks down the process in a cohesive manner.  And of all the training and instruction I've had in my 20-year professional life, I keep coming back to Stephanie's fool-proof methods of visualizing the mechanics of the voice.  She makes it seem so easy- because IT IS!  With "Your Tip Jar" I really feel like Stephanie Nakasian is in the room with me helping me connect mind and body to express myself!

Matt Baker

Stephanie's ‘Your Tip Jar’ course is full of gems to get you started or excel you to new levels.

As one of THE prime vocal teachers of our time, Stef will certainly help you meet your goals and aspirations with your singing! 

Susan Mack

With fun and simplicity Stephanie’s Your Tip Jar empowers you to become a better singer and to trust that we all have a great singer within us. In each lesson, It feels like she’s in the room with you as she knows what you are thinking and anticipates the issues you will have.  Some of the important topics addressed that are very useful are opening your tone, rhythm that’s NOT on the page, and breathing. With the practical tips and fun visual exercises she will share, your singing will improve almost immediately. Your Tip Jar is a great refresher course for seasoned singers as well.

Stephanie's 10 condensed tip lessons will have you singing with your best voice in no time!

Stephanie's is ready to show you how to get out of your own way, and provide you with essential tips to unlock your best voice! 
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