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Stephanie Nakasian is different from most voice teachers. Although she studied voice for a few years in New York City with the great Joseph Scot, she did not attend music school or study in a "typical" voice curriculum and has never sung classical/bel canto style music.

Stephanie had been singing jazz in New York and realized she needed more freedom in her technique to sing safely and creatively. She learned exercises that helped with this, and then after many years of touring and recording, she began teaching based on what she had learned and what had helped her to free her voice and express herself with more tone, range, breath, and power.

Fifteen C.D.s, three books, and 25 years later – Stephanie is still actively recording and touring at major venues and festivals worldwide.
Her approach is empowering – encouraging her students to let go of thinking and trying too much. The idea is revolutionary – CHANGE A THOUGHT – Change your REALITY!

Stephanie uses visualizations and hand movements to help her students t break old thinking concepts of "up" and "down," "high" and "low," and to open and flow tone – creating an effortless, beautiful line of melody and story.

This series includes ten lessons or episodes – filmed by internationally celebrated filmmaker Jim Burns- with excellent and helpful graphics to help make the points intended in the lessons. Through demonstration and feedback – students progress and learn these productive lessons.
It's fun and easy – not technical or complicated, and it's a more 'organic' approach.

Stephanie has been heralded by the New York Times as having "vocal virtuosity," and her books and recordings are praised worldwide. She honestly shares what she knows.

Stephanie has been teaching for over 25 years at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. She has also taught at Virginia Commonwealth University and James Madison University and led workshops around the county and in Europe to singers from high school age to professional level.

Her delightful personality and humor are engaging and make for an incredible journey of discovery.

Most importantly, IT WORKS! She knows what she is talking about, and how she sings proves that. Her performances around the world include Lincoln Center (NYC), Wolf Trap and the Kennedy Center (D.C.), the L.A. Jazz Preservation Society, the Northsea Jazz Festival (Holland), and many others.

Stehpanie's books and workshops have been featured at over 30 state and national music conferences, including the MENC, Iaje (now JEN), and MTNA.

Ask her fans – Ask her students – Try it! You know how to sing already!

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My Story

Although I studied voice for a few years with the great Joseph Scott, I did not attend formal music school or study in a 'typical' voice curriculum. I began singing live jazz in New York and realized my need more freedom in her technique to sing safely and creatively. I learned exercises that helped me and after many years of touring and recording, I  began teaching based on what I learned and what helped me to free my voice and express myself  with more tone, range, breath, and power.  Now I want to help you! 

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